The Growth Of Mobile: Do We Need Some Perspective?

Good read and some thoughts came to mind from this author's research:

1. I just learned at UxPA that about half of our U.S. population has some form of literacy issue. Could be 'traditional' illiteracy or situational. Nevertheless, an interesting fact is that the 'illiterate' in our country do not own laptops/desktops or tablets. They have mobile only.


2. "Micromoments" caught my attention because I can relate to the behavior of using my i6 for quick research tasks and fun tasks. For the heavy lifting tasks such as work, or simply comparing hotel options for instance, I'll have 2-4 windows opened, resized, and compare and contrast the details. A tablet or smart phone will never give me that capability.


3. I think the author was suggesting that we must first understand our audiences and then we'll know how to deliver compelling experiences across all touchpoints, channels and devices.


4. Interestingly, I bought a tablet 2 years ago and I'm hard pressed to remember the last time I used it. Hmm...not sure why other than smart phones have become handier because of their larger screen surface, and maybe because the apps created for them are just better designed.